eSCM Registration



Integrity pack is a Statement/Promise about commitment to do all the obligations and to be responsible according to the regulation.

By sending application to become ANTAM’s vendor partner, we commit for:

  1. Participate in ANTAM’s procurement process without any form of corruption, collusion, and nepotism (KKN) with ANTAM’s employee as well as other competing bidders.
  2. Comply with ANTAM’s procurement and other related regulations.
  3. Providing true and reliable information, performing job in a professional manner, fair and transparent which is showing the optimum capabilities in delivering best results applied to all the stages of the processes, beginning from preparatory stage, continuing with the selection, and extending to the implementation, delivery and acceptance of the goods or services.
  4. Agree to be put on trial at public court or blacklisting for future ANTAM biddings, in case we disobey with the above commitments.


Do you really agree with this integrity pact ?